Established on 12.09.2002, the foundation took part in organization of many international events, some of which have become annual and attracted the attention of a number of scientific groups all over the world. Funding and participation in scientific forums across European countries have been provided to young Bulgarian students and scientists.
A priority are international collaborations and projects as well as earning financing for improving the hardware and software base of the Department of Theoretical Physics in Sofia University.
We are doing our best to keep these activities up-to-date and widen our scopes as much as possible so that Bulgarian science is well prepared for the future inclusion of our Country in the ocean of EU scientific knowledge and experience.

The Foundation is registered as Non-profit Legal entity under Sofia City Court case: 9375/2002, Sofia.


The Foundation offers funding and support of Bulgarian students applying for studies abroad in particular cases.
The foundation also supports a number of schools and conferences on theoretical physics in Bulgaria giving a chance to students and young scientists to contact some of the best researchers in their fields of interest. The main goal of these projects is to provide an opportunity for Bulgarian scientists in building their careers and further research.
Recently, the foundation contributed for the development of a project of a modern computer centre and programming environment for the Department of Theoretical Physics at Sofia University. The result is Physon, a computer cluster financed on grant from MON, Bulgaria, number VU-205-2006. The cluster is to be used to provide an excellent qualification of Bulgarian physicists and physics students in their future work as members of the European Union.


The Foundation offers participation in establishment and development of scientific centers based on its own programs and projects or based on programs and projects launched together with other institutions. These centеrs should provide an opportunity for top-level research activities and scientific analysis.
Funding and support is also available for publishing of scientific literature and textbooks, scientific papers, etc.
All scientific activities of the foundation are intended to allow top-level, up-to-date research ability of Bulgarian physicists and high quality education of Bulgarian students in theoretical physics.


The original governing board consisted of Todor Boyadziev, Radoslav Rashkov, Mihail Todorov, Plamen Fiziev and Roumen Borisov.
Current governing board consists of:

Plamen Fiziev

Chairman, TCPA (Permanent), JINR (Visiting Researcher)

Valentin Popov

MC, Sofia University

Radoslav Rashkov

MC,Sofia University

Venelin Kozhuharov

MC, Sofia University

Denitsa Staicova

MC, Secretary and Web Admin, INRNE